Steps to Connect Mpow Bluetooth Headphones with Smartphones / iPhone

Mpow Bluetooth headphones are well known for their impressive sound quality with good price range. Connecting/Pairing Mpow bluetooth headphones with smartphones / iphone is very easy.

Though many of Mpow bluetooth headphones comes with user manual but we will mention standard procedure here that works on all popular models like mpow H5, Mpow cheetah, Mpow 059 and others.

Pairing to your smartphone:

  1. Long press Bluetooth /Power/ multimedia button for 5-6 seconds until Red & Green (Blue in some models) light flash alternately.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.
  3. Search headphone model name in your phone’s bluetooth list like Mpow H5 / Mpow Jaws / Mpow Cheetah to connect.
  4. Enter the code ‘0000’ if needed.
  5. If pairing is successful, the green indicator will start flashing slowly. In some models you will also hear voice prompt like “Your headset is connected”.
  6. Pairing failed: Please turn off your headset and repeat the steps mentioned above.
  7. Play music after pairing and adjust the volume accordingly.

Notes: Please make sure headphone is OFF before pair and charged. After you turn on your headphone, it will connect to the pre paired headphone automatically.

Did you know that many of the mpow headphones like Mpow Jaws and cheetah can connect to 2 phones as well?

Connecting two bluetooth smartphones at the same time

  • Pair the headphone to first phone as mentioned above.
  • After successful pairing turn off the headset and also turn off bluetooth on your first phone.
  • Pair the blue to second phone following the same steps mentioned above.
  • Paired successfully, turn on the bluetooth of first phone select headphone model name.
  • The headphone will connect to both phones at same time.

Click here to view the Mpow bluetooh headphone’s product manual

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