JBL bluetooth headphones – Best 5 with reviews

JBL Bluetooth headphones are built for premium sound quality that will help you to indulge in music in your phones.

Starting from big stadiums, movie halls, and home stereo systems, the JBL products are known to produce crisp, clear sounds.

JBL is also known to make the best headphones for travel as well as home. If you are passionate about music and sounds, then the JBL Bluetooth headphones is one of the most lucrative buys for you this season.

Experience some of the best quality on ear and over ear stereo headphones with the wireless Bluetooth technology, sophisticated DSP and built in microphones for android as well as iOS device models.

Best 5 Bluetooth headphones by JBL

Reasons why JBL Bluetooth Headphones are good:

Here are some of the key features of JBL Bluetooth headphones that make it a good buy

  • JBL comprises of a great signature sound quality over the affordable price which makes it a great buy
  • These headphones are compact and portable and thus can rest over your ears comfortably without any kind of uneasiness
  • The headphones with built in microphones help you to listen to great music as well as answer your phone calls. There are various kinds of blue tooth headphones that you can try out.
  • Each and every headphone model is light weight and built with stylish aluminium casing and a tangle free cable.
  • Music can be controlled with the help of the inline on button remote and crystal clear inbuilt microphone to make and receive calls while on the move
  • The JBL Bluetooth headphones are stylish, compatible, durable and definitely, your companion for life. You can take it around with you every day and enjoy each and every song on your play list as well.

#1) JBL E45BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones – Review

If you are searching for a wireless headphone with fantastic sound quality then this headphone is worth buying.

The JBL E45BT resembles the JBL E55BT but has an on ear fit. The headphone is known to have a great battery life and wireless range and has a good sound quality that satisfies all the listeners.

The wireless headphones offer an affordable entry into the world of wireless audio while keeping the form compressed and comfortable as well. The ear cups and the headbands are comfortably padded for ease.

The ear cups can be rotated a bit for comfort so that they can comfortably sit on your ears.


  • Subtle and compact design – The JBL headphone has a logo on each ear cup with a patterned rim around and the insides are marked with L and R. The headband is wrapped with a fabric that is rough outside and soft inside.
  • Controls – The headphones have easy control features with 3 button set up for call and music, track skipping and volume controls as well as a dedicated Bluetooth button and power switch to turn the headphones on.
  • Breath-ability – Has a breathable on ear design which helps your outer ear to remain cool while exercising.
  • Portability – Are portable and can be folded into a compact format. Can fit easily into a handbag
  • Good stability and build quality- Has a flexible headband which is made with a thin metal frame for reinforcement. The headphones are sturdy enough to handle accidental drops as well.
  • Great sound quality
  • Well designed
  • Great wireless range and battery life


  • Could use a deeper bass
  • Plastic build quality
  • Sub-par noise isolation


The JBL E45BT is well known for its acceptable design, affordable price and adequate comfort.

It is a functional headphone that is definitely worth buying and using as well.

One of the best selling JBL bluetooth headphones.

#2) JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones – Review

The Reflect mini Blue tooth headphone are designed for sports and they are well preferred because of their light weight design, competitive price, strong sound and less sweaty feelings compared to other headphones.

The headphones are extremely light and compact and provides 4 sets of ear tips with the reflect BT mini. It has a good battery life and good frequency range  ensuring that the headphone provide a firm bass sound without going at the top.

The Bluetooth is worn with a cable behind the neck and comprises of a reflective strip so that it can be worn also at night.


  • Lightweight design – This is one of the lightest JBL Bluetooth headphones that provides long lasting comfort during athletic activities
  • Built in microphones- The headphones can easily help to make and answer calls with their crystal clear sound and convenience
  • Ease of use- The set up is really easy
  • Sweat proof design that are water resistant and can be cleaned well
  • Powerful audio performance with solid bass and crisp sound quality
  • Multiple ear tip options and styles
  • Reflective strips for night workouts
  • Light and compact
  • Water resistant design
  • Good battery quality


  • No auto off function
  • Not good for mega bass fans


The JBL Reflect Mini BT headphones deliver crisp and powerful Bluetooth audio in a secure and fitting sweat resistant built.

It is definitely worth buying this headphone which is a little more expensive when compared with other headphones, but offers you companionship for life.

#3)  JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones – Review

The JBL E55BT Bluetooth over-ear headphones sound great and don’t cost a fortune when you go for it.

They are an excellent option for sound lovers that look and sound great. These are a new generation of cordless headphones that are affordable, comfortable and stylish as well.

The headphone features simple designs that are worth looking at.

The headphone comprise of comfortable ear pads and an upper headband that joins round plastic ear cups with a golf ball like texture on the outside.

What are the pros?


  • Simple designs with comfort – The JBL E55BT Bluetooth over-ear headphones features simple designs with comfortable headphones made of with leather ear pads and a cloth upper headband which joins the plastic ear cups.
  • Easy controls – The controls are easy to understand with just a play and pause button, volume button, micro USB charging port and an LED charging indicator.
  • Good battery life with stand by – It also offers 20 hours of wireless playback
  • Good sound quality
  • Great looks
  • Easy connectivity
  • Above average battery life
  • Wide sound stage
  • Multi connect
  • Cable includes inline mic and remote
  • Light weight


  • Mediocre passive noise isolation
  • No access to virtual assistant
  • Unreliable connectivity
  • Material feels cheap


This Bluetooth headphone is best suited for commuters who are searching for an affordable way to drown into music and is definitely worth a buy and the E-series line is a fun, reasonably priced collection that brings Multi Connect capabilities, comfort, and good sound at your doorstep.

#4) JBL Duet Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Review

The JBL duet Blue tooth headphone delivers a great, well balanced and crisp sound which comes with a 16 hours battery life.

The Bluetooth can also be used to switch between devices. The sound can also be controlled with the help of ear cups

Have you thought of investing in it? What are the pros?


  • Signature sound – Signature well balanced sound is delivered by a powerful 40mm driver in a sleek, stylish design.
  • 16 hour battery life – You can enjoy an entire day of wireless audio without having to plug in your headphones back to charge once again.
  • Can seamlessly switch between devices – You can switch on to your portable device effortlessly while listening to music so that you never miss a call.
  • Two hours recharge time that gives you 16 hours of battery life
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Can be plugged on to the aux cable to continue enjoying music when there is no battery
  • Headphones are sound proof and can seal sounds from outside
  • Can enjoy music without messy cables
  • ergonomic headband is lightweight and adjustable
  • Pairs easily with the Bluetooth
  • Very portable and light weight
  • Solidly built with an user friendly interface


  • Multi-use button and the volume control are close together which makes it a bit confusing
  • Slightly bass-heavy balance
  • Doesn’t show how much power is left after many hours of listening


This Bluetooth headphone is portable, lightweight and comfortable and comes with a well balanced sound quality. They have an unmatched sound quality compared to other headphones.

If you are looking for a stylish yet affordable product, the JBL DUET Bluetooth headphones should be on top of your list.

#5)  JBL E55BT Quincy Edition Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Review

The E55BT Quincy Edition has been endorsed and fine tuned by Quincy Jones.

The headphone comprises of an eye catching design, and has been designed and built with premium materials to wireless convenience. The sound signature is clean and punchy without being bassy.

The lightweight and sleek look of this headphone is definitely worth carrying on travel tours Enjoy an uncompromising performance that brings music to great heights.

These lightweight, durable and stylish over the ears headphones feature immense 50mm drivers that deliver powerful and dynamic sound quality

Let us have a look at some of the pros:


  • Quincy signature sound- Legendary Quincy Jones has added his personal touch to the JBL sound as found in theatres.
  • Quincy voice prompts- Quincy has also offered his voice to guide the listener through various headphone functions.
  • Detachable cable with one-button universal remote and microphone
  • Can seamlessly switch between devices
  • 20 hours battery life- Enjoy an entire day of songs and movies and recharge the headphone in 2 hours
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable
  • Wide soundstage
  • Easy connectivity
  • Above average battery life


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Sound is not that great
  • Poor passive noise isolation
  • Restrained bass response


This Bluetooth headphone is definitely worth trying out for first timers who would like to experience quality with crisp sound.

Its combined eye catching design and carefully selected materials makes it all the more convenient with enjoyable sessions.

This Bluetooth headphone is definitely worth checking out and another gem from JBL.

If you are an obsessive music lover, then this is definitely the headphone you should opt for – a best piece form vast range of BL bluetooth headphones.


The above JBL Bluetooth headphones are some of the best Bluetooth headphones that come in sleek, stylish and lightweight designs and are affordable on your pockets as well.

All these JBL Bluetooth headphones have their own pros and cons; however, they are worth trying out for their crisp sound quality and effectiveness. These headphones are all about convenience and the best thing about them are no wires and no tangling up.

Also, you would not have to take out your player, as it can be controlled with the remote control button. They sound as good as wired headphones and perform better as well.

People who are looking for a sophisticated and good looking Bluetooth headphone can definitely try out the JBL range of Bluetooth headphones that are affordable, stylish and sleek and   the best combination for audio quality and phone control.

You can try out these headphones online as well as from any JBL store as well.

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