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5 Best Bluetooth Earbuds With Wireless Connectivity for Running

What are the Best Bluetooth earbuds on the market right now?

Before that, lets have quick overview about the Bluetooth Earbuds.

Bluetooth earbuds are made for those people who listen to music during a workout, walking and performing any kind of the work.

These earbuds can connect to only those devices that have the Bluetooth enabled.

Wireless or Bluetooth earphone offer more flexibility of movement, this is especially helpful when it comes to sports or any other activity when you need to move a lot.

If you are running, the Bluetooth earbuds are really very comfortable as there are no wires that can tangle during running and listening music.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

Do you like sports? you are doing gym, riding your bike or just running?.

You want small and comfortable headphones, preferably earbuds, or bike tour without having to deal with pesky wires?

Bluetooth Earbuds are perfect for that.

A cool thing with Bluetooth headphones and headsets is that most of them have a microphone and control buttons on earpieces themselves.

This makes it much easier to control the music and make/take calls without having to handle your connected device.

Earbuds also differentiate in how well they resist the water, the rain from the environment and sweat can be a serious matter to some of the earbuds.

Make sure to get a sweat-proof version if you intend to use it for sports. There are many quality models to choose from.

For most intense cases, some are even waterproof and they are suitable for water sports. But these earbuds are costly.

What is the Average Range of Best Bluetooth Earbuds?

The connectivity of the Bluetooth headphones depends upon the range of the device.

The average range of Bluetooth connection is about 30ft (10m) depending on the type of devices you’re connecting and how many obstacles are in between.

Is Sound Quality with Bluetooth Earbuds Worse than With Wires?

With the latest generations of Bluetooth devices and Apt-X enabled music device you can get high-quality sound over Bluetooth as well.

What Devices are Compatible with Bluetooth Earbuds?

Now most of all the modern Smartphone, tablets, iOS, Android, Windows phones and devices are compatible with Bluetooth Earbuds.

There are many kind of the Bluetooth devices like: in-ear earphones, on-the- ear, behind-the-ear, over the head, behind the neck.

All these have their different purposes and very easy to use.

So, before buying wireless Bluetooth earphones you have to check the sound quality, its range of the connection and don’t forget the price of the earphones.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Checklist:

  • Sound quality and comfort.
  • Are they foldable? Are they portable and durable?
  • Weight of headphones
  • Earbuds should have noise cancelling capabilities or noise isolation capability.
  • Earbuds should have phone controls as well. You should be able to conrol volume and take phone calls without touching your connected device.
  • Frequency Response
  • Bluetooth headphones usually need battery to operate. So battery life is also a important factor.
  • Most important – price range and warranty if any.

We hope that this will help you to choose a best Bluetooth earbuds pair for you.

Spoiler alert – you don’t have to browse internet, we have done that already.

Here is the list of

Best Bluetooth Earbuds to buy in 2017

Best Bluetooth Earbuds PRICE RANGE:

$30 – $100 Only

Sound: 88/100
Design & Comfort: 90/100
Affordable Price: 93/100

#1) SHARKK Flex 2o Bluetooth Earphones that are Waterproof and has Microphone

SHARKK Flex 2o Bluetooth Headphones that are Waterproof and has Microphone


  • ergonomic design
  • IP67 Rated Waterproof Headphones with high-quality digital sound through Bluetooth 4.1 technology and a pairing range of up to 30 feet. Again, your perfect wireless earbuds.
  • Enhanced and advanced 4.1 Echo Elimination Technology.
  • Rechargeable 85mAh battery provides 6-8 hours of continuous play time
  • Android and iPhone compatible headphones with voice prompts and microphone for hands-free calls.
  • incredibly soft and comfortable.

#2) GGMM W710 IPX4 Sweatproof Sport Earbuds

GGMM W710 IPX4 Sweatproof Sport Earbuds


  •  equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology, offering you perfect stereo sound
  • CVC noise Isolation technology reduces outside noises, enable clearer music and microphone sound
  • Comfort & Secure Fit Design
  • Portable and lightweight wireless headset can be stay in your ears comfortable
  • Sweatproof & Active Lifestyle
  • Up to 7 hours talk/ play time and 180 hours standby time (full charge in 1-2 hr)
  • The built-in microphone allows you to take/make calls and the in-line remote gives you control of your music with play, pause and track functionality.

#3) Rio 3 by Erato Audio – True Wireless Waterproof Earphones with Microphone

Rio 3 by Erato Audio – True Wireless Waterproof Earphones with Microphone


  •  Bluetooth 4.2 – Full support for advanced AAC, SBC, and aptX audio standards
  • Multi-button Function – Power on/off, volume up/down, play/pause,call accept/reject, and Siri are accessible
  • up to 6 hours of playtime and 8 hours of talk time.
  • True Wireless – Without Interruption.
  • Designed To Perform – Exceptional Bass, Packed with Power
  • Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Water and Sweat Resistant

#4)  House of Marley EM-FE053-SB , Voyage BT Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

House of Marley EM-FE053-SB , Voyage BT Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


  • Bluetooth 4 with a2dp stereo Audio.
  • 6 hours of playtime.
  • sweat-proof with an Ipx4 rating.
  • noise-isolating design
  • in-line microphone with 3-button remote for calls
  • Made from Sustainable materials: Bamboo, Regrind silicone and bio-based housings
  • Durable, tangle resistant cable and travel stash bag for use on the go
  • Ergonomic Port
  • Sweat Proof
  • Adjustable Neck Cable
  • The rechargeable lithium ion battery can last up to 6 hours when fully charged for listening and taking calls.

#5)  Soundfreaq Freaqbuds – Water-resistant / Sweatproof Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Soundfreaq Freaqbuds – Water-resistant / Sweatproof Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


  • ergonomic fit for both comfort and Sound.
  • 3 different sizes of Eartips and Earfits
  • Manage the volume, your tracks and incomming calls easily with the inline 3 button microphone
  • Bluetooth Wireless, Water-Resistant and built in Battery
  • a built-in 6-hour battery and microphone, so you can easily take calls wirelessly.
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