Lowest LAG – 6 Best Wireless Headphones for Watching TV

Looking for Best Wireless headphones for TV? Headphones with lowest or zero audio lag is the first quality that u need.

After a long and a hard day, there is perhaps nothing more relaxing than half lying on your couch, switching on your home theater and watching your favorite TV show or movie.

The portability and wire free experience that the wireless headphones for TV offers are beyond any comparison.

Check these 6 best wireless headphones for TV’s

It is no doubt a big-time struggle to get hold of the best wireless tv headphones. The market is flooded with a host of models and different brands. In order to make your shopping experience less stressful, look out for the following factors and make your buying decision.

  • The very first aspect that should be considered is the superior sound quality. Vibrant, crisp and clear sound delivery is expected.
  • You would definitely not want your headphone to last for a short period of time. You must invest money on a robust and durable headset.
  • Comfort is yet another factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. You will be using the headphone for hours and hence soft, cushioned headband and ear pads are demanded. Make sure that the headphone is light in weight.
  • Since you are investing in a wireless headphone, the battery life needs to be impressive so that you can enjoy your shows on TV uninterrupted. Opt for a chargeable battery headphone.
  • The primary reason behind buying Bluetooth wireless headphones for tv is to ensure that you don’t have to stay close to the TV and you can move around without any issues. Thus, look out for the connectivity range.
  • Noise cancellation feature is also one of the striking aspects to consider.

The above mentioned are some of the factors that play a vital role in your final buying decision.

Best Wireless headphones for TV : Top 6 for you

Since you have decided to buy a Bluetooth headphone for the television set, you seem to be confused with the array of products available in the market.

Look at the reviews of the best 6 wireless headphones as discussed below and make your choice.

#1) Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones – Review

If you are hunting for a superior quality noise cancellation headphone that also supports Bluetooth connectivity, your search comes to an end with the Bose Quiet Comfort 35. Bose is one such brand that has created a niche in the market for its excellent sound delivery and this product is no exception.


It has become the absolute leader especially in respect to ANC and there are no other products that get any closer. It doesn’t matter for how long you have put on the headphone your ears won’t be fatigued.

The in-built controls are designed on the right ear cup, enabling you to have full control over the different functions. The best part is that you can enjoy the battery life up to 20 hours long and the durability of the product is also noteworthy.


  • Impressive battery life.
  • Compact size makes it portable friendly.
  • Superior sound quality with noise cancellation feature.


  • Expensive than other similar items.
  • Doesn’t support aptX for the Bluetooth settings.

#2) V Moda Crossfade M100 Noise Isolating Metal Headphones – Review

The brand is very popular with the DJs. In line with the similar sound quality and features, V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is a value for money wireless headphone. This is a high end Bluetooth headphone device that lasts long and is also an apt choice for buyers with limited budget.


M-100 model from V-Moda Crossfade delivers bass based sound of superior quality without any disruption even when the volume is very high.

The look of the headset is customized with the trendy metal plates, mic and even the wired mode feature is included. A perfect Wireless Headphones for TV.

On the right earcup you will find the inbuilt three large size buttons. The overall functioning of the headphone is user friendly.

The headphone definitely stands out from the rest due to its customized look and sound delivery quality.


  • Assurance of a top notch durability
  • Superior quality sound is guaranteed
  • Comfortable headphone
  • Function the wired mode without the need of battery
  • The battery back up is up to 12 hours
  • You have customization option with the looks


  • Doesn’t feature the aptX support for the Bluetooth mode

#3) Sony MDR 1000X Hi-Res Bluetooth Headphones – Review

The brand itself speaks a lot about the quality and the performance. Sony MDR 1000 X is regarded as one of the best wireless headphones available in the market today. Its premium features, in compatible with the latest and the advanced technologies make it at par with other top notch products.


If you are considering a headphone that provides the highest level of comfort, noise cancellation features along with the superior quality listening experience, you won’t be disappointed with this product from Sony. The touch sensitive control functions for the headphone is a highlighting aspect.

Instead of tapping the buttons for the controlling of the functions, you have to swipe your fingers against the right size earcup for turning the volume up and down, playing and pausing, changing tracks and other functions.

At first, you might face difficulties handling it but with time you will get used to the functions. There is a Quick Attention Mode that automatically turns on when you place your hand over the right earcup.

The Best performing Wireless Headphones for TV when paired with Sony LEd TVs.


  • Good wireless connectivity range
  • ANC technology support
  • Responsive sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear for a prolonged period of time


  • Interface is not too friendy
  • Disruption in the high volume sound
  • Background disturbances using the Ambient Mode

#4) Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 wireless On Ear headphones – Review

If you want to connect your television set with a top notch wireless headphone with excellent sound quality and comfort level, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 wireless is the headphone to be considered. The headphone offers the superb combination of high durability and comfort level, excellet sound quality, and noise cancellation feature.


The headphone from Sennheiser consists of all the features that good quality headset should contain. Apart from the Bluetooth connectivity, you also get the presence of the NoiseGard that automatically gets activated when you switch on your headphone. The storage is quite easy since you have the option of folding the headphone and putting inside a folding case.
The inbuilt controls feature on the right earcup. They are quite responsive and easy to function. The microphones are compatible with ANC technology. The twist-on-lock technology helps the headset stay right on place.


  • The option of Folding and storing
  • Sturdy construction and thus longer durability
  • Excellent battery life up to 22 hours
  • Appealing sound quality
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity range


  • The product seems quite costly than other items of the same specifications.

#5) Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones – Review

If you are using an Apple TV, the Beats Solo 3 is an apt wireless headphone to consider. With a powerful bass delivery, you can enjoy a fun filled and entertaining listening experience.


If you look at the headphone, you will find that the control section is very basic with two sets of volume keys, along with the track change button and the pairing button. There is a “b” button present on the left earcup , which is used for controlling the tracks and stopping and starting. The Fuel Gauge on the right earcup indicates the battery life.


  • Excellent sound delivery
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • A very long battery life up to 40 hours or more


  • The earcups might get warm after a prolonged period of using

#6) Bose Sound Link bluetooth headphones – Review

This is a top pick portable, lightweight and a highly durable wireless headphone. It is no doubt an expensive product, but worth spending it. Whether it is the battery, comfort level, sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity range, Bose Sound Link is an excellent headphone to consider.’


The voice prompt feature notified you when the headphone is connected and the percentage of the battery left. Controlling the different functions is easy and interactive with the three buttons present on the right earcup. The inbuilt microphones are also better than the previous models.


  • The headphone can connect two different devices at the same time
  • Lightweight and foam ear pads make it comfortable to wear for hours
  • Good sound quality


  • Costly product
  • No support for the apt X Bluetooth mode


The above mentioned are the 6 best wireless headphones available in the market. Whether you want to consider them for your television set or any other gadget, you can opt anyone that suits your budget and requirement. The product mentioned won’t disappoint you at all.

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