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5 Most Durable Earbuds – Heavy Duty Models 2017

Now with the name of durable earbuds many people get surprised with what is these durable earbuds are with heavy duty.

These are the earplugs that gives you quite experience from the frustrating experience.

If you love to listen to music then you might be that person who does not leave their home without carrying headphones.

And in that case, your earbuds need to be more durable as well as produce a high quality sound.

Here are some of the Best Durable Earbuds

Product NameWirelessPrice5 Star Rating
Octane Wireless Bluetooth EarbudsYesUnder $504.1
GGMM W710 IPX4 Sweatproof Sport EarbudsYesUnder $504.1
GJT E10 Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 HeadsetsYesUnder $504.6
Bose Quietcontrol 30 Wireless HeadphonesYesUnder $3505
Mini Invisible Truly Wireless V4.1 Surround Sound EarbudsYesUnder $1003

So if you are not comfortable with your present earbuds then buying the right earbuds according to your need will be the best option and before buying you must have to know about all of the major features of durable earbuds.

Above products were bench marked for following parameters:

Materials and design

There are many kinds of earbuds in the market that are made of plastic, metal and wood.

Mostly the plastic earbuds are selling in the market just because of their durability and design.

They are cheap according to price but not only plastic earbuds are god even some metal earbuds are also god but just because they are made of metal they are little heavier and not preferred by customers.


warranty is also essential part while buying a good pair of earbuds.

It will just give a little peace to your mind.

But there are some companies that give 12 month warranty to the customers; even some companies give 24 months warranty.

Cable coating

Some cables are non-breakable with Kevlar and some have extra layers of rubber, but since cables are one of the usual weak points, cable strength plays an essential role.

Moisture resistance

For athletes and fitness freaks sweat-proof headphones are a must. For everyday use, you would like the headphones to hold up a bit of rain that will surely come in its way ultimately.

Design of hinges

Hinges should be made for long term use and should not tumble down after a few weeks.

Customerโ€™s feedback and reviews

Before buying anything people must check the reviews of the product the same thing happened with earbuds.

It is always very useful to look at customer reviews and feedbacks earlier to purchasing earbuds.

Buying earbuds from recognized brands / companies is a good choice, but you should bear in mind that there are some well-known audio product companies that have produced earbuds of poor quality, at the same time as there are some less-known or new audio product manufacturers have produced some wonderful sets of earbuds.

Below are some of the Most Durable Earbuds that you can buy because

  • They are very rugged and as strong as possible.
  • When it comes straight out of the box you will be impressed.
  • The sound quality is also very good and for the price it is perfectly good.
  • They are sweat and water resistance;
  • Comfortable tips are designed to stay in place by conforming to your ear.

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$30 – $300 Only

Design & Comfort
Affordable Price

Here are the 5 Most Durable Earbuds

#1) Octane Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds โ€“ IPX7 Waterproof Headphones with Noise Cancellation Technology, Microphone & Voice prompts

Octane Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones - Sweat-proof, IPX7 Waterproof Headphones with Noise Cancellation Technology, Microphone & Voice prompts

  • The Octane O2 can actually deliver deep bass. Balanced mid and high-tones sound projection as well
  • You can connect these pair via Bluetooth.
  • Best noise cancelling effect guaranteed. Use it while working out and get lost in ur music.
  • Earhooks are strong and comfortable enough for running or other sports activity.
  • Perfect for winter sports, running, hiking, or any other outdoor or indoor sports activity as they are water and sweat resistant.
  • Get 7-8 hours of constant music.
  • Incredibly durable.

#2) GGMM W710 IPX4 Sweatproof Sport Earbuds

GGMM W710 IPX4 Sweatproof Sport Earbuds

  • You can hear clear stereo sound Bluetooth 4.1 CSR advanced technology.
  • Cut down the noise from outside world with CVC noise Isolation technology.
  • You will also get Soft ear hooks which are very comfortable and can easily fit in your ears.
  • You will get 3 pair of ear hooks, different size, so do not worry of you have different sized ears.
  • Apart from that there is earbud lock ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  • You can use this pair for working out as well.
  • GGMM w710 is designed as Neckband preventing troublesome wires from tangling.
  • You can even put your mp3 player or phone a side and connect via bluetooth. Range for bluetooth is 30ft in open space.
  • Rated IPX Level 4 and can withstand dripping sweat.
  • In line controls that let you control music and take calls without even touching the phone.
  • You use it during cycling, jogging, zym and other sports, this pair matches your lifestyle.
  • 7 hours talk/ play time.
  • A major plus is that these do not move when you run. SO go for it ๐Ÿ™‚

#3) GJT E10 Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Headsets โ€“ Sweatproof Headphones and Noise Cancelling Earphones

GJT E10 Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Headsets Sweatproof Headphones Noise Cancelling Earphones

#4)ย  Bose Quietcontrol 30 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

Bose Quietcontrol 30 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

#5)ย  Mini Invisible Truly Wireless V4.1 Surround Sound Earbuds Headsets With Mic

Mini Invisible Truly Wireless V4.1 Surround Sound Earbuds Headsets With Mic

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